Read about how Vets Corps has impacted the lives of the Veterans who've participated in it. (In order to respect their privacy, we have removed their names and only included the branch they served in. Thank you for your understanding)
"This program has made me more confident about myself. I was terminated from my old job (Security Guard) and was considered homeless. I went to the U.S. vets for 22 months 28 days, and this job helped me get a skill and put some money in my pocket! So I thank you all that help veterans to help themselves. And it keeps you thinking positive about things around you. I didn't think that they ever had a program like this. It is a good program to get you in the rhythm in working again." US NAVY Veteran NAVY-Coin2
"Green Vets Program gives me a sense of completion, self-worth, and pride in myself alongside my fellow veterans and team mates. Everyday basic gives me something to think about what is progressively done for other people. Of the craftsmanship and the products we made here. Veterans need these kinds of works and programs to gain pride once again. Shows that the U.S. government and taxpaying citizens care about our well being!" "THANKS A LOT!" U.S.M.C Vietnam Veteran USMC-coin2
"I feel that this program is important because it helps me with my depression, PTSD, and other health and mental illnesses. It keeps me busy and makes me feel like I'm a productive part of the community. It lifts my self esteem." US ARMY Vietnam Veteran ARMY-Coin2
"I suffered with PTSD on almost all jobs I worked in my life, unknowing I had PTSD while I was employed. Green Vets, combined with other programs here at the VA that I participate in have brought a significant amount of job and life skills to the forefront that will not only help with successful employment but also with my personal issues of dual diagnosis and PTSD issues. It's very therapeutic and it works. Thanks." US ARMY Veteran ARMY-Coin2
"I enjoy this program because it gives me the chance to do something that I've always wanted to do. And that is to operate a sewing machine. It also gives me financial stability and for that I am very grateful and thankful. Therefore, I hope this program will turn out to be one that lasts for a great length of time." U.S.M.C Veteran USMC-coin2
I attend the green vets program and worked for S.O.Tech (a Sponsor of Green Vets) in the sewing factory. I have begun to sew, learned how to mingle with other vets, and return to society with a positive attitude. And a support group that consists of other vets whom I've learned to trust and give me support in our new endeavor of becoming aware of the thing in which I've never before thought about like the environment, and how different substances affect us, our children, and the population as a whole. Here at this program we help the environment by using only sole material in our products. Thanks to this program I have something positive to do with my life. Thanks to the program. US ARMY Vietnam Veteran ARMY-Coin2
"I feel this program is important because it helps Vets feel like they are helping the community. It also provides a place to get together with other Vets. The work here is good for the environment." US NAVY Veteran NAVY-Coin2
"The reason I've come to work for Green Vets L.A. every day is because it is therapeutic for my chronic PTSD. If I am sewing, I am not totally bombarded with images from combat cameras. After working here for almost 2 years, G.V.L.A has become an important outlet for me because the other veterans are now my family. We care about and love each other. It is important to me because I know I am serving and contributing to the active duty members of the military. I did not think I could sew but now I am a sewer. Green Vets L.A. is better than regular C.W.T (Compensated Work Therapy) because we can stay longer and possibly move up. Green Vets L.A. has done a lot for me. I used to be lost in my intense P.T.S.D vision, now I am able to manage it daily. I have more confidence and feel good getting up and going to work every day. I used to teach at Kennedy King College in Chicago, I had a P.T.S.D meltdown. Now with the help of Green Vet L.A I am back in school and plan to graduate with my Masters Degree in June 2014." U.S.A.F. Veteran Air-Force-Coin
"This place makes me feel better about myself. I cannot get a job in the real world but this program gives me the chance to work and helps me put money in my home and take care of my kids. This is a very good place because I have mental health problems and the people I work with will understand and work with me. And the Boss is a Vet so he understands some of the things that we go through in our everyday life. Thank you for giving me the chance to do something with myself." US ARMY Veteran ARMY-Coin2
"I really feel this program has helped me as an individual because I have learned a very valuable skill set. I got real hands on experience working with my machine and working with my fellow veterans from all branches of service. I've been able to regain some self respect and camaraderie. In my years here at S.O.Tech I've been able to get my own apartment, work with a great bunch of vets from different walks of life, helping the community, and some great leadership to boot. Thank you for letting me be of service again. May this bloom into a life flower for me and more Vets to come." US ARMY VeteranARMY-Coin2
"I was a homeless Vet until I came to the V.A. Hospital in West L.A. In doing that I stopped drinking alcohol and I received my VASH and started working for Vet Industries for Green Vet L.A. and it have done me real good. It keeps me busy and I'm making a little money. I am a service connected Vet that got to learn a new skill with the Green Vet and we are doing the land of U.S.A and keeping it clean." US NAVY Veteran NAVY-Coin2