About Us

About Us

Vets Corps USA is a non-profit vocational rehabilitation program that provides job training for returning Veterans. Working closely with the West Los Angeles V. A. Hospital, both injured and non-injured Veterans are offered a wide variety of job training in this program. We are currently training and paying returning Veterans to sew bears, assemble medical kits for police and military personnel, design and silk screen T-shirts, sew and silk screen reusable shopping bags under the name “GreenVets LA” which has had a big impact on our environment and economy.

Every part of our manufacturing process is done locally in Los Angeles, CA. We are proud to help our L. A. work force and local economy while also helping the environment by greatly reducing our carbon footprint.

Why We Do What We Do…

Veterans today face some of the biggest challenges society has to offer and often aren’t equipped to handle it alone. Veterans sometimes feel a sense of abandonment when they return.  With the added stress of PTSD, TBI, and other combat related injuries, Veterans have even greater obstacles to overcome.  Several turn to self medication (Alcohol, Drugs, etc.) and often end up homeless or commit suicide. Suicide rates are alarmingly high among Veterans. In 2010 an average of 22 Veterans committed suicide every day.

Some Alarming Statistics About Veterans:

- 23% of homeless population are Veterans
- 67,000 is the number of homeless Veterans that can be counted on any given night
- Almost a third of veterans between the ages of 18 and 24 were unemployed last year
- More than half of veterans say they’re unsure how to professionally network
- 76% experience alcohol, drug, or mental health problems
- 89% of homeless Veterans received an Honorable Discharge
*Statistics gathered from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the Center for American Progress

The Outcome:

When Veterans take part in this paid work therapy program it provides much needed structure to their lives and gives them a sense of responsibility. They work in a stress free, environmentally regulated facility where they learn at their own pace and have access to counseling. They gain the necessary skills needed to sustain employment such as being on time, meeting deadlines, organizing work loads, and quality management. Veterans feel as if they are back on “The Team” and most importantly gain the self confidence needed to successfully re-enter the work force.

Since its inception, this program has helped several Veterans out of homlessness and regain their independence. Several participants have become politically active in  supporting the environment, Veterans, and labor issues by attending events, and calling their representatives.

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