GreenVetsLA Replicates Bronze Plaques for Soldiers Home

GreenVetsLA is honored to be a part of a legacy at the West LA VA. These are the first 2 bronze plaques that were funded by the non-profit 1887. These beautiful plaques will be mounted at the gates of the VA rebranding this space as a "National Soldiers Home"!

Final Bronze Plaques that will welcome soldiers home

The West Los Angeles VA grounds recently revamped 2 of their buildings to house homeless/recovering Veterans.  

Soldiers housing facility at West LA VA

The buildings were empty for several years and one of the women who helped get the contruction off the ground was Carolina Berrie.

Carolina Berrie and Robert A. Mcdonald

Pictured: Carolina Berrie & Robert A. McDonald at the Grand Opening of the Veterans Housing Facility.

One of our Veterans has a background in prop making and he created a mold based off the original "National Soldiers Home" plaque at the West LA VA grounds.

Creating a mold of the plaque

Final Mold of plaque

This was the mold he made that would later be used in the bronzing process.

covered in wax

They coated it with several layers of wax.

dipped in plaster

They added some tubular paths on the back for the bronze to flow in and fill the mold, then covered it in several layers of plaster.

pouring bronze

They poured the bronze into the mold and it got pretty hot in there.

Jim Meets McDonald

There was a grand opening celebration where we got to meet the secretary of the VA Robert A. McDonald. 

ribon cutting

For all her hard work, Carolina was recognized and together her and Robert cut the ribbon to the housing facility.

green vets

We took some photos with the plaques followed by a tour of the housing facility.

final product

The plaques themselves will be mounted on the gates very soon. We would like to thank The 1887 Fund for helping make this happen!

If you would like to know more about the history of the housing facility and the people who helped bring it back to life, NPR did an article on it and you can read about it here: